MRC staffer caught using pseudonym used same alias at Media Matters despite MRC's “rule”

Earlier today we brought you news of Media Research Center's Clay Waters who inadvertently “outed” himself as using the pseudonym “Sam Tyler” to comment on posts at Columbia Journalism Review (CJR).

Waters' unmasking earned the rebuke of CJR's Ryan Chittum who said in a follow-up comment, " had a duty to be above board with who you are here. You're paid to criticize the so-called liberal media by a right-wing advocacy group, Brent Bozell's Media Research Center."

It now appears that Waters used the same “Sam Tyler” alias to comment on a post here at Media Matters as well.

Oddly enough, Politico reported in March that, “MRC, as a rule, doesn't comment on Media Matters.”

I guess that doesn't apply to comments posted on the Media Matters website by MRC staffers using aliases.