Matthew Vadum applies the “I have no proof” standard to national security threats

BigJournalism contributor and all-around clown Matthew Vadum is very upset with Media Matters for posting a clip of Glenn Beck speculating on the presence of special Venezuelan sabotage teams in the United States helping to “nudge” the country towards “collapse.” According to Vadum, we're not taking the threat seriously enough, and we treat national security as “one big joke.”

And just how serious is the threat? So serious that Vadum himself is scared to death, even though he has no evidence it's actually happening:

While I have no proof Chavez has agents in the U.S., the notion isn't as farfetched as Media Matters would suggest. Beck didn't just conjure up the idea out of thin air.

The unintentional hilarity continues later in Vadum's entry:

Chavez already runs what political scientists call a “public diplomacy” campaign in the U.S. to help bolster American support for his regime.

The propaganda effort consists of funneling discounted home heating oil to former U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy's (D-Mass.) nonprofit group, Citizens Energy Corp. The nonprofit then distributes the oil to poor people, and useful idiot Kennedy gets to pose as a humanitarian.

The CITGO program is not terrorism - technically - but it is a soft attempt at domestic subversion.

And supposedly we're the ones treating national security as a joke.