On YouTube, Matt Walsh says “it's possible that something has gone wrong in the brain” of transgender people

Walsh: “I don't think that God makes anyone to be transgender” because “I don't think that God is the author of that confusion”

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Citation From the November 17, 2022, speech by Matt Walsh at the University of California, Berkeley, streamed on YouTube

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yeah, so my question is, like, if you believe in God and, like, that, why do you think God made transgender people if it's such a hard struggle for those people to deal with? Like, why did God make people that have those, those – that issue in their life?

MATT WALSH (DAILY WIRE): Uh, because I think we're a fallen race, and, and so we, it's, you can ask the same question, you know, why did God make people who struggle with any number of other confusions and proclivities and sins, which we all have our sins that we struggle with? So this is, if we're to get into a spiritual conversation, I would say this is a product of sin entering the world, but I don't think that God makes anyone to be transgender, you know, that's that's that's, the whole the whole idea of transgender is something that we've invented. We've invented this category of someone, what does transgender mean? It means you're beyond gender. That's a category that we've invented. What you have are people who are confused, and I don't think that God is the author of that confusion, it's more so that our flight from God and from the truth has resulted in all manner of confusion, including this one.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: So you don't think anyone's born with like any, any sense, or any innate, like, confusion? Where it's all picked up like throughout their lives? Like you don't think anyone's naturally born with transgender issues, basically? 

WALSH: I don't know, I mean, is anyone, are you born a kleptomaniac, for example? I mean, I suppose if you talk to a neurologist they might say that some people have a predisposition to that. I think that's, so it's possible that something has gone wrong in the brain from birth that might contribute to it, but I think that's a very small number. I mean, look, just go back to, go back 90 years, how many people were struggling to understand their own gender then? It was a, I mean, it may have existed but it was a very, very, very tiny number and quite anomalous, but I still would say that, you know, sort of theologically, that's a product of the fall of sin entering the world.

YouTube's hate speech policy prohibits “content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups” in protected categories, including “sex/gender.” The policy specifically prohibits stating that protected categories are a "form of mental illness that needs to be cured” in a list of examples of violative content.