Warning of civil war, Matt Walsh: “Red state governors will need to ignore the Supreme Court and do what needs to be done to protect their citizens and the border”

Walsh: “The last civil war was unimaginable until it wasn't”

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Citation From the January 23, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): It's often said that civilizational decline is a choice, and that's true. And we've never seen a clearer case of it than this. There's just no other way to spin the story when the Biden administration is literally going to court to get permission to destroy border fencing. Without a border, you don't have a country. One of the most basic responsibilities of the government is to ensure that we have a border and we enforce our laws. And our government's not doing that anymore. In fact, they are doing the opposite. They are actively doing the opposite. This is not -- we've moved beyond just mere negligence, OK, which is the failure to enforce the border. Now they're actively preventing anyone from enforcing it.

If this continues, the solution is obvious, which is that red state governors will need to ignore the Supreme Court and do what needs to be done to protect their citizens and the border. All of these rules that have sustained this country for so long can be broken. I mean, we've seen that. They all operate, in the end, on a sort of mutual agreement. I mean, you proceed through traffic lights when they're green on the assumption that everyone perpendicular to you is going to stop on red. But once people start going through the reds in large numbers, you have no reason to pay any attention to your own traffic light. Everyone's on their own at that point. Once one side decides that law and border no longer matter, then everybody else is released from their obligations to obey the federal court system. I mean, you can't obey it anymore. To obey it is to usher in your own destruction. That's what happens. It's happened before in this country's history, and it can happen again.

And, you know, the thing is the Supreme Court can't enforce its own real rulings. So, once red states decide not to go along with them -- if the red states say, okay. I don't care what you think, we're gonna do it anyway. What happens then? What happens when federal agents try to destroy border fencing and state troopers stand in their way? Does Biden send in the military at that point? These might not be hypothetical questions for long. The last civil war was unimaginable until it wasn't. That was a lesson this country learned in the middle of the 19th century. And if the Biden administration is somehow still in office after this next election, then just as abruptly, we might have to learn it again.