MSNBC's Joy Reid: Matt Walsh's defense of teenage pregnancy shows that the anti-abortion movement is about power and control

“The problem is not, per se, teenage pregnancy. The problem is unwed pregnancy,” said the Daily Wire host in comments unearthed by Media Matters

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Citation From the October 5, 2022, edition of MSNBC's The Reidout

JOY REID (HOST): I feel like some of us who were maybe a bit more cynical about it have kind of understood that the whole pro-life thing has never been real. Right? It's really great branding, but it isn't real, right? They just want power and they would love to have women under control and they feel women are out of control.

The problem is modernity, right? It's that modern women are harder to control. They go off and they get their little fancy college educations, then they want to compete with you in the workplace, they want to do the stuff men can do, they want to play sports like men, they all of a sudden don't want to be under control. And a teenager who's stuck at home raising a bunch of children she has no idea how to raise is actually really controllable. And I feel like we can have an honest conversation now that Republicans are breathtakingly willing to have it, but that is what it is, is that modernity is what bothers them, not abortion.