Matt Walsh: “Whites are trending towards extinction in the United States”

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh: “The preservation of the hummingbird community is more important than the preservation of the white race”

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Citation From the August 9, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): There are really two parts of this story. The first is the story itself, which is the demographic trend where whites are trending towards extinction in the United States. Like, that's the way it's headed. And then the other part of the story is the veil of silence around this issue, the wall that is erected around it. And I know you're gonna say, well, you just read a story about it. So it's not a silence. They can report on it. So you report and you celebrate diversity, and then you just move on. We don't talk about it. We don't think much about it, and that's it. You aren't allowed to talk much about it. You certainly – you certainly can't be concerned about it. You're not allowed to express any concern. That's unthinkable. To hear that whites are on their way to minority status and the white population is declining, the worst that you could possibly do is – to talk about it at all is already a problem, but to suggest that there's any reason at all to be concerned about that, or to be anything less than thrilled by that development is incredibly racist, we're told.


We know that it's -- like, it doesn't even need to be said, but I'll say it anyway because we all know that's true. But we know that the continued existence of any other race of people is considered deeply important. And the preservation of the historical and traditional racial identity of any nation is considered deeply important. You know? So, for example, if there was an influx of white immigration to a historically Black country, and that was resulting in a giant demographic shift wherein it was becoming a predominantly white country rather than predominantly Black, this would be considered a major, major problem. And there's no doubt about it. And yet, in the reverse, it is either neutral or cause for celebration. But really it should be a cause for celebration.

And you know what? This pertains even to the the animal kingdom. I mean -- think if there's a particular type of, I don't know, hummingbird that's going extinct. Even for that, we're supposed to panic. And if I were to say, hey, whatever. I mean, what does it matter? We -- so we don't have that of hummingbird. We got plenty of other hummingbirds. What does it matter what type of hummingbird it is? What difference does it make? So, yeah, this type of hummingbird is -- there's more of that then there's less of this. Like, who cares? If I say that, I'm callous because, no, it's very important that we have all varieties of hummingbirds. Every variety is very, very important. We have to keep them all around. Every part, every animal in the animal kingdom, we gotta keep them all around. It's extremely important. If any particular variety starts to dwindle, if any particular type of species of animal gets driven out of its territory, it's a very bad thing. So, it's interesting that we can see this with hummingbirds, but not with certain kinds of people -- well, in particular, one kind of person, which would be white person. The preservation of the hummingbird community is more important than the preservation of the white race.

In fact, you can't even talk about the preservation of the white race -- even saying that word, that phrase is tantamount to being in the Klan. These are the standards that we are all supposed to live by, but they're all -- it's like, we all know it's just this game, and we all know that it's bogus, and it's ridiculous. We all recognize it at this point. Right? I'm not saying anything that anyone doesn't already know. And they're all -- when it comes to white people and talking about any issue pertaining to white people, there's all kinds of rules that are put in place that do not apply anywhere else. And so, it's really up for us -- and we could complain about these rules. Usually, what happens and the typical conservative response has been, mostly to ignore the rules and just follow them and not point them out. Every once in a while complain about them. But then, sort of, follow the rules anyway. We can do that, or we can just stop following the rules, which is what we ought to start doing.