Matt Walsh: “We need to normalize, once again, judging people for their private lives”

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Citation From the January 16, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Now, look, just because -- just because a man dresses in drag, just because he -- he cross-dresses in his spare time, just because he has a thing apparently for presenting himself as a woman, does that necessarily mean that he is unfit to be the CEO of an airline? Yes. OK? That's -- that's exactly what it means. Yes, indeed. It means that. And this is one of the most absurd fictions that many otherwise reasonable people have come to believe, is that you can't judge a man for what he does in his private life. So, you hear this all the time. Now, you hear from people on the right also that you do that in the private -- we can't judge someone based on that. Whatever you do in your private life is your business. But no. Not only can you judge someone for what they do in their private life -- and that is to say -- when I say judge them, right, I say -- what I mean is we can make judgments about them. Right? That's what I mean by judging. So there's the, sort of, spiritual sense of judging where we are judging what's inside someone's soul and heart and what their intentions are and that sort of thing. And we say that only God can judge. Well, it's only God can judge in that sense because only God can see inside your heart and make judgments based on that. But we can make judgments about people based on their behavior, based on the things that they say, based on how they carry themselves. So -- based on a whole bunch of things, we can make judgments about them.

And so, not only can, in that sense, can you judge a man based on his private life, but that is the main thing that you can judge him based on. Like, what he does in his private life is the most revealing thing. It tells you a lot more about him. You know, it tells you the most about his character and competence or lack thereof. So we need to normalize, once again, judging people for their private lives. Especially considering that for most people, everything you do is part of your quote-unquote private life. In a sense that if you're a private citizen, your whole life, you could argue, is your private life. So, if you can't make judgments about someone based on their private life, that means you can't make any judgments about them at all. It means that we're, you know, we're walking around like we're all brain dead, like Joe Biden, unable to draw any conclusions at all about other human beings around us. Which is, of course, absurd.

So, what judgments can we make about a guy who dresses in drag? Well, we can know that this is someone who is unbalanced, who is disturbed, who is -- this is a bizarre sort of person. A bunch of other descriptions that you certainly don't wanna apply to the guy who runs one of the largest airlines in the world. You know, if you had to choose between having an airline run by a cross-dresser or not, then you're gonna take not because the cross-dressing carries all of that additional baggage. And that's a judgment that can be made.