Matt Walsh says Bud Light must “grovel at our feet in humiliating fashion and disavow gender ideology entirely”

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Citation From the December 13, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): OK, now before I explain why this is all horribly wrong, let me begin by stipulating that I like all these guys. I like Dana White, Kid Rock. Tim Pool's show is great. I like him personally. I'm obviously a huge fan and supporter of Tucker Carlson. I think he's one of the most important voices in the country right now, but the Bud Light boycott is still on. And let me explain why.

Bud Light, the foreign-owned brand, tried to push trans ideology. It spat in the face of its own customers. And for once in our lives, for once ever in modern American history, conservatives fought back in an organized, competent, effective way. We organized a boycott. We stuck with it. We actually made the woke company feel the pain. We imposed our will in a way that conservatives have never been able to do ever. The Bud Light boycott is, by far, and it's not close, the most effective conservative boycott of a major company ever of all time. There isn't even a close second. What's second place? There isn't a second place. In fact, I think it's fair to say that it it's not just the most effective, but actually the only successful boycott we have ever staged.

So, we'd have to have a very compelling strategic reason to end this one single successful boycott campaign ever. We would have to have extracted some kind of major concession. But what concession have they made? They gave Dana White a hundred million dollars? So what? That's not a concession. That's not an apology. That's a marketing ploy. Are we going to end the Bud Light boycott and start giving them our money because we like their new marketing plan? That would not be us ending a boycott victoriously, that would be a retreat. It would be the very definition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, something that the right does very often but never as egregiously and pathetic as this. And by the way, if they gave a hundred million dollars to, like, some kind of de-trans fund, that would be one thing. But why would giving a hundred million dollars to Dana White be — why would we consider that to be sufficient? Oh, you pushed trans ideology, and we're mad at you for that, but you gave a hundred million dollars to the guy who owns the UFC, so, therefore, it's okay. What? There's no — what's even the connection? Dana White is not a victim of trans ideology. He's not affected by it. If you give a hundred million dollars to the actual victims of this insidious, insane, depraved ideology that you were pushing, give them a hundred million dollars, then I would say, yeah. That — OK. That's an apology. A big one. Giving it to UFC? Who gives a damn? Why would that matter to us? Why would we find that to be an acceptable substitute?

Now, I do agree that any boycott campaign — you know, with any boycott campaign, you need to give companies an out. You have to give them away to get back into your good graces. The whole point of a boycott is that you're withholding support in order to extract some kind of concession. So at least in theory, there should be, like, something that they can do that would make you not mad anymore. And if you get the concession, then you win. And if you don't get the concession and the company is just destroyed, then you win that way too. And, so far, we're winning the second way. Bud Light betrayed its customers. It has not conceded defeat. It has not apologized at all. And so, at this point, the entire company is basically in shambles. So be it.

What can Bud Light do to get out of this? What is their out? Well, they would need to apologize for pushing transgenderism. They would need to apologize specifically and explicitly. They would need to grovel at our feet in humiliating fashion and disavow gender ideology entirely. They would need to say we are sorry for pushing trans ideology. We shouldn't have done it. It's a terrible thing. Please forgive us. That's what they would have to do. They have not done that. They refuse to do that. Instead, they're hoping that they can simply change the subject. But a change of subject is not a concession. It's not an apology. It's a trick, a gimmick, a diversion tactic. If we fall for it, then we deserve to lose. We deserve everything that's coming.