Matt Walsh says any Republican voting for same-sex marriage “should be exiled from the party”

Daily Wire host claims the Respect for Marriage Act codifies “the destruction of marriage into federal law”

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Citation From the November 15, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Obviously if you do this, it is, to begin with – it's not just this but it's also to begin with – a threat to and attack on religious liberty. That's where it ultimately leads. Because if you're codifying on a federal level that two men have a right to get married – that's a human right, a civil right – then that would mean by extension that, you know, a church that refuses to marry a gay couple is depriving them of their basic human civil rights. They may not be putting that language in the bill exactly because they want it to pass, but that's what it means. And that's how it will be used, no matter what the bill says.

And I'll tell you this, you know, any Republican who would sign on to a bill like this – I don't care if they have this weak – you know, they've created this Trojan horse now where they're pretending that they're protecting religious liberty. Doesn't matter. Any Republican who would sign on to that should be exiled from the party. It won't happen because this is the direction the whole party's going. But that's what should happen. You know, these are Republicans who are signing on to something that only ten years ago would've been too radically far-left for even the farthest left people in the Democrat Party. Ten years ago there was, basically, no one in the Democrat Party pushing for this, or very few anyway.