Matt Walsh dismisses data confirming that 2023 was the hottest year on record as “superstition”

Walsh: “If you want to know how they really get these numbers, is that they pull them out of their asses”

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Citation From the January 9, 2024 edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Here we go again. Where they say that temperatures are the hottest, not just in our lifetime, and not just since they started keeping temperature records, and not even just since when they started keeping historical records of anything -- they're saying it's the hottest in 125,000 years, well before the dawn of human civilization. That's how far back they're going. And this is pretty simple. Your BS detector needs to be calibrated well enough to at least pick up on this kind of BS. You don't even need a BS detector. OK. This is a dump truck load of BS pulling up right to your front door, and, I mean, you can sniff it out without much trouble. You don't even need to open the door to sniff it. The idea that anybody actually knows the precise global temperatures from 125,000 years ago is laughably ridiculous. OK, I don't care -- you can take any scientist with all the qualifications in the world, I don't care how long their resume is, how many papers they've written, how many schools, how many degrees they have and PhDs -- when they start saying that, you laugh in their face. You laugh in their face. You say, you moron. You're just an idiot is all you are, because it's completely insane.

Nobody has any freaking idea what the temperature was tens of thousands of years before the pyramids were built, much less when the pyramids were being built. Nobody knows. Nobody. How could they? There wasn't anyone around to keep track. Like, who are we going to ask? Now, do you know where they get these figures from? Because without fail, as I'm saying this right now, I'm going to get a bunch of smarmy comments -- you don't know any -- Read a book sometime. You don't know anything about it. They can figure -- they know this. They know this for sure. And these people saying this, they don't know how. They don't know how. If you ask them, you go to the comments right now, and you see all the smarmy comments, and you ask any of them, well, yeah, how do they know? How do they know? Tell me how they know what the temperature was on, like, May 15th in the year 10,041 BC, what -- how do they know that? Well, they just do. It's science, because of science, and science is a magical crystal ball that tells them.

And the truth, if you want to know how they really get these numbers, is that they pull them out of their asses. That's how they get them. But a scientist won't tell you that if you ask him. If you ask him, oh, where did you get this? He won't say, why, from my own ass, of course. That's where I got it, even though it's true.


OK. So they are looking at ice -- they're looking at ice, and they're looking at tree rings. And from that, we're supposed to believe that they have extracted, not just very rough temperature, sort of ,ballpark estimates. But what we're supposed to believe is that they have precise yearly annual records that are accurate down to the last degree. That's what they want to believe. So, it's not like they're saying, OK, from the year 125,000 BC to 75,000 BC, during that global era, temperatures were relatively warm or whatever. You know, they're not saying that because that's a rough, very rough sort of generalized estimate. Instead, they want us to believe that they can identify the temperatures by exact years dating back 125 millennia and give exact temperatures by looking at tree rings.

I mean, this is -- I used this analogy yesterday for something else, but this is really like reading tarot cards. This is -- it's straight up superstition at this point. You might as well believe that someone could look at a tarot card and tell you what your future is going to be. So, it is totally absurd. And that's why, again, the only appropriate response to this is just to laugh at it.