Matt Walsh complains many unhoused people “make more money than people that work minimum wage and have been living in apartments”

Walsh: “Panhandling is lucrative”

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Citation From the February 9, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): So if you're giving $400,000 to a random homeless guy, the chances that you're throwing money at a crazy violent drifter is pretty high. And even if he isn't crazy and or isn't violent, it's still gonna be a disastrously bad idea in nearly every case to give large sums of money to a homeless person. As I've tried to explain many times, most of these people aren't homeless simply because they have no money and they have no home. OK? And I don't -- and anytime I say that, there's always the idiots who laugh. What do you mean? What do you mean? They're not homeless because they don't have a home? That's the definition of homeless. No, you morons. Give them money and a home, and they'll be homeless again 15 minutes later. Do you understand that? So, that clearly shows that the problem is not simply that they don't have money and a home. Give them money. Most of these people on the street have been given lots of money. Depending on where they are, panhandling is lucrative. Many of them make more money than people that work minimum wage and have been living in apartments. You know? It's -- you can make hundreds of dollars a day doing that. Where does the money go? Where does it go? Does it -- does the magical money fairy come and take it? No. They spend it on drugs is what they do. That's why they're still homeless. They're not stashing it away and hanging on to it.