Matt Walsh claims genetically modified food is partly to blame for the existence of trans people

Walsh: “There's something in the food”

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Citation From the November 17, 2022, speech by Matt Walsh at the University of California, Berkeley, streamed live on Facebook

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hey there, on the topic of are people born this way. What biological and chemical changes are occurring in society through pharmaceuticals and food – like genetically modified food – contributing to how people see gender and what we currently see in society and what your film is about?

MATT WALSH (THE DAILY WIRE): I think it is, yeah, that's a, that's a very good question. I think it is contributing to a certain extent. I couldn't speak with any authority on how that works exactly. I mean, I just saw, and this is not directly related to gender, but I just saw a headline yesterday about how sperm count, you know, has has has gone down exponentially over the last several decades. Now, I'm not saying that in and of itself explains why we have, you know, the proliferation of transgenderism, but it just goes to show that clearly there's something in the food, there's something in our diet and our environment, that's affecting us at a really basic internal level, and, you know, that's something I think that's worth exploring for sure.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: I encourage people to look into that aspect of it as well, so.

WALSH: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.