Matt Walsh: “The Black nuclear family basically doesn't exist”

Walsh: “If you become the first demographic of people in human history to essentially eradicate the nuclear family completely, then there is no hope”

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Citation From the February 1, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Why are so many Black kids in DC killing and robbing and committing all manner of other violent crimes? Well, before we talk about social media or music videos or even the criminal justice system, we have to talk about the fact that almost all those kids are growing up in homes without fathers. Nearly 80% of Black babies in DC are born to unwed mothers, which is 10% higher than the already sky-high unwed birth rate for Black people nationwide. 80%. Which leaves -- and you've heard this figure before, but think about what it means for a second. We usually don't trace this all the way down. So that leaves 20% of Black kids with a father in the home when they're born. But keep in mind that the Black community also has by far the highest divorce rate. OK? So, a huge portion of the Black kids lucky enough to be born with a father in the home will not have a father in the home by the time they reach middle school. So how many Black kids in DC or any other major city have a father in the home for their entire childhood? Well, it's hard to say exactly. But that number is way less than 20%, that much we can say for sure.

The Black child in a stable home with married parents who stay married is an anomaly. It is a rare exception to the rule. And that's the problem. Every other problem is rooted in that one problem. You could go -- you could and probably should ignore every other factor, and just focus on this one for now, because it's like the whole story. Why do Black kids end up committing so much crime? Why do they end up dead or in jail or in gangs or all of the above? How do you explain the Black poverty rate, Black unemployment, so on and so on? Well, the Black nuclear family basically doesn't exist. That's how. Black kids are not growing up in stable homes with mothers and fathers. Almost none of them are at this point, especially in the cities. And that's it. I mean, that's all you need to know. It's almost ridiculous to talk about anything else when you've got that factor hanging there right in front of you. And yet this one major underlying factor is the one factor that is almost never mentioned in any article lamenting or analyzing crime and violence in the Black community. They'll talk about criminal justice, and social media, and music videos, and systemic racism, and policing, and literally every single thing besides this one thing that is without a doubt the main thing.

Your community has no chance of success, is doomed to misery and failure and disaster and poverty and chaos if you do not keep your families together. And if you abandon the family almost entirely, if you become the first demographic of people in human history to essentially eradicate the nuclear family completely, then there is no hope. Like, nothing else will matter. Nothing will help. No improvements can be made. Like, we might as well just give up and stop trying. If you've given up on the family, then it's over. There's nothing you -- like, it's, OK. Well, that's it. That's it. Nothing else we can do.