The Majority Report with Sam Seder cites Media Matters research to argue that Matt Walsh is “fixated a bit on the bodies of children”

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Citation From the October 5, 2022, edition of The Majority Report, with Sam Seder, streamed on YouTube

EMMA VIGELAND (HOST): So Media Matters basically found these old audio recordings from Matt Walsh's earlier career as a radio host where he spoke about why he feels -- and this is from 2011 -- that, he talks about why he doesn't think people get outraged, uh, why he doesn't understand why people get outraged, I should say, when a 16 year old girl or 17 year old girl becomes pregnant because their fertility is already in place. They've had their periods and they're ready to bear children. The reason this is notable is because Matt Walsh has been one of the loudest voices in his state -- and good job by The Serfs putting up this image of him on this audio clip. I believe it's The Serfs or Media Matters, I'm not exactly sure, in front of the banner of What Is A Woman.

PRODUCER: This may be The Serfs themselves, but the audio itself comes from Media Matters report from Ari Drennen and others, very comprehensive.

VIGELAND: Right. And the point is, though, that they -- he's been constantly talking about how the left and LGBTQ people are groomers and they're obsessed with the bodies and the genitalia of young kids, and they're butchers. And it seems, though, that Matt Walsh is the one who's fixated a bit on the bodies of children.


VIGELAND: The reason that girls were getting impregnated at young ages throughout history was because girls and women were property. They were property for men. And when they get their periods and when they begin to become of an age where their bodies could biologically produce a child, they were immediately sold off as a part of, I don't know, some sort of deal between people or it was a marriage that was arranged or it was a convenience for different families to, uh, someone who deemed them the appropriate mate without their choice or their agency. 

And the reason that we don't do that anymore as a society is because they are children and it's wrong. So, Matt Walsh, I mean, man, maybe he should bring back this segment and he can have some of our libertarian callers populate his comment section because age of consent is one of their primary -- primary operating principles. But like, you know, it's just this is the guy who says the left is obsessed with children's genitalia.

MATT LECH (PRODUCER): Well, this is why they were able to get on board with Roy Moore, because the Roy Moore situation were like and I can't remember the specifics, but like they rationalized as like, well, what if, like this was okay with the parents or whatever, like that? And it's like, yes, actually that did happen a lot and it was bad, 


LECH: That like, a leading figure in a community recently widowed or whatever, I would say, Oh yeah, your young daughter, that's mine now. She's going to come procreate for me and do my dishes. Right. That's how it worked. And that was a less civilized time.

Update (10/7/22, 11:30 AM)The transcript has been updated to reflect that the second speaker was The Majority Report's producer Matt Lech, not host Sam Seder.