The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh says he supports a universal ban on all gender-affirming medical care

Walsh: “I don't think a doctor should be allowed to mutilate their body or give them drugs to conform their body to the delusion rather than the other way around.”

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Citation From the September 29, 2022, edition of the Daily Wire's All Access Live

MATT WALSH (HOST): All right, everybody, let's jump right into it. Turn this fan off. Let's see. "Do you think the trans contagion would die out," Connor asks, "if social media were to be abolished somehow. It seems like it's the oxygen that allows these terrible ideas to keep breathing."

Well, it wouldn't die out because it existed before, you know, before social media existed. So this stuff predates, this stuff predates social media by several decades, and if you watched What Is A Woman, which you can go to and, uh, and watch it there, you know that you know, this this goes back to John Money, Alfred Kinsey, it goes back to the mid-20th Century, and you could even do it back to earlier than that if you wanted to but certainly gender ideology, you could find, uh, it's the beginning of its kind of modern manifestation in the mid-20th century. So, you know, you don't need social media for it, but social media is a it's a delivery system for the trans social contagion and for every other sort of social contagion. I think it would be handicapped quite, quite, quite a bit if there wasn't any social media, or even if simply there weren't any kids on social media, like if there was a law that could actually be enforced that nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to use social media, then I think a lot of this stuff, it would it would it would be a hindrance, hindrance to the trans movement.

Uh, "Should trans surgery be banned for adults, too?" Um, yeah. I mean, I think it should be. Yes. Now is that ever actually going to happen? No, but, um, I don't think, and I'll tell you, and here's here's the reason. I don't think a doctor should be allowed to do that to anyone, okay? When someone comes in and then they have a mental condition, like they're they're confused about something, I don't think that a doctor should be allowed to mutilate their body or give them drugs to conform their body to the delusion rather than the other way around, and it says signed out, is that, am I still in? Signed out. You've been signed up. 

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WALSH: Yeah, the Google Doc just signed me out. Hang on guys.


WALSH: Good. Little intermission there. So anyway, yeah, so trans surgery, [mumbling] yeah, that's that's what it comes down to is, is should doctors be, is it legitimate for doctors to do this to people? Um, I would say no. You know, treating a mental illness by physically changing the body is not a legitimate thing. But it, of course, is far worse with kids because a minor cannot actually consent to it. So, um, so that's know that's that's why there's a special focus there.