Daily Wire's Matt Walsh praises Russia's proposed draconian anti-trans law

Walsh: “This is something that Russia has clearly gotten right”

As The Guardian explains:

A sweeping Russian draft law to ban legally or medically changing gender has been approved by the lower house of parliament in its final reading, part of a crackdown against LGBTQ+ rights under the president, Vladimir Putin.

The bill would bar Russians from changing their gender on official identity documents, which had been legal since 1997. Health workers would be banned from “performing medical interventions designed to change the sex of a person”, including surgery and prescribing hormone therapy.

State Duma deputies added provisions to the bill in its second reading, approved on Thursday, to ban transgender people from adopting or fostering children, and to annul their marriages if one of the couple subsequently changes gender.

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Citation From the July 17, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Now, I mean, this is all great stuff. Of course, the claim that Russia has banned nearly all medical help for trans people is false. That's not what the article describes. It's not as if trans people are not allowed to get, like, heart surgery or something. What they have banned or are trying to ban is sexual mutilation of people of all ages, which is exactly the correct thing to do. Okay? As I have always argued. Yes. We start by trying to protect the kids because they are the most vulnerable, the most innocent. It is the most evil, the most egregious, to butcher or mutilate children who have no capacity whatsoever to consent to this or to understand what's happening to them. And so, we begin by trying to protect them first. And that's what a decent society does. That's what decent people do. You protect the kids first. But that's not the end of it. So kids should be the first ones we protect, they should not be the only people we protect. And all people, in fact, should be protected from doctors who want to profit off of, you know, their confusion, profit off the confusion of their patients, the mental illnesses of their patients, and butcher and mutilate them, you know, and sell them surgeries on the basis of false promises. That should be illegal for everyone.

And as I'm always explaining, it is not that we are banning -- you know, I'm not saying that adult trans people should be banned from getting these surgeries. That is the effect. Right? That if the surgeries are banned, if you're an adult trans person, you can't get them. But that's not where the law is targeted. It's about banning doctors from doing this to people. That's where the ban sets in. And, yes, if you ban doctors, that means that they -- well, they can't do that to anyone. And that's also -- if you say that it's a violation of rights, if we were to ban all so-called gender affirmation procedures, we were to ban all of them for everybody -- which we should, and this should happen on the federal level. And then if you claim, well, that's a violation of rights, whose rights are being violated? I mean, the people performing the surgeries are the doctors. So you're saying they have a right to do that to people? They have a right to take someone who's confused, take a man who's confused who thinks he's a woman even though he's not. A man who believes that his salvation, his happiness can be found in, you know, mutilating his genitalia so that it allegedly will vaguely resemble that of a female genitalia, but will never actually -- never actually be female genitalia, will never have the function of female genitalia. You're saying the doctors have the right to exploit this person.

The entire gender reassignment industry is built on exploitation and abuse. The fact that the people who are being exploited don't realize it, doesn't make it okay. That's -- that's how exploitation always works. Okay? There's always coercion with exploitation. And that doesn't make it okay, obviously. So this should be -- this certainly is the ultimate goal, and this is something that Russia has clearly gotten right.