Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh: “It’s absolutely disgraceful” for Sen. Tim Scott to say that there is “no silver lining in slavery”

Walsh: “If there is one sin among conservatives, it is attacking your own side from the left. You do that and you are -- you should be dead to us at that point.”

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Citation From the July 28, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show, posted to Twitter

MATT WALSH (HOST): Okay. You -- you are being manipulated, Tim, by the left into explaining why slavery is bad, as if anyone doesn't understand that. And also accusing your own side of not -- of what? Being pro-slavery? You're thinking that there are good things -- this is all from the left. And you, Tim Scott, when you -- I just read you the standards for AP college courses, why didn't you ever say anything about that? You never cared about that. It was never a problem. It wasn't a problem until the left and the media told you, and Kamala Harris told you that it's a problem, and now it's a problem for you. You know, one thing I've heard from some people on the right who said, you know, it is a little -- look, I don't know. I don't like that language in there. Oh, you pathetic morons. But why is it a focus? You know, we don't need to -- it was not the focus, you idiots. It was not the focus. It's one thing mentioned out of 190 things. The left made it a focus, and you are stupid and going along with it because you haven't learned how these people operate.

And to start with, anytime you hear the left saying anything about anything related to race, never believe it on face value. Assume that they are lying because they always are. If you are saying something about a race-related issue or a gender-related issue or any issue related to any so-called protected class, if you're saying something and it's exactly the same thing as what Kamala Harris is saying, you need to stop and think very hard about that. Because the chances that she's being -- that she's right and being honest are infinitesimal.

Now, I know that I'm saying all this and, you know, that Tim Scott was being manipulated. I myself am being somewhat naive because he's running for president. And he probably knows exactly what he's doing. But he's attacking from the left. And if there is one commandment, if there's one rule that we should all follow, okay? It's not, you know, never attack your own side, never criticize your own side. No. That's not the rule. Of course you criticize your own side. I'm criticizing Tim Scott right now, not that he's really on my side. But you never attack from the left ever. Ever. You never go after your own side from the left. Go after them. You criticize them. Never from the left. That is the unforgivable sin. If there is one sin among conservatives, it is attacking your own side from the left. You do that and you are -- you should be dead to us at that point. The moment you did -- do that, it's over. You adopt the left's talking points to go after your own side, screw you. You're done. We don't need you. Go join them if you wanna play this game. If you wanna play the game of pretending that there are, like, conservatives who need you to explain to them that slavery is bad, if you wanna play that game, then just go away. Go play it with the left. You'll become a Democrat. That's what you are. I have no patience for this. It's absolutely disgraceful, and I hate it.