The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh hires Gregg Re, former Tucker Carlson producer with history of liking white nationalist posts

Former Carlson employees continue to spread across digital right-wing media

Former Tucker Carlson producer Gregg Re, who has a history of liking anti-Black tweets and posts from a white nationalist website, has now been hired by Ben Shapiro’s right-wing outlet The Daily Wire. 

According to Re’s Twitter bio and multiple stories from The Daily Wire, he is now working as a producer for anti-LGBTQ bigot Matt Walsh

Walsh’s decision to hire Re continues a pattern of right-wing media picking up the laid-off and fired employees of Carlson, the former Fox News host who was unceremoniously fired by the network in April. Turning Point USA founder and podcaster Charlie Kirk recently hired producer Blake Neff, a former Carlson head writer who was fired from Fox following revelations that he was making racist and misogynistic comments on an online forum. 

An investigation by the Daily Dot found that Re has liked several offensive and bigoted posts on Twitter, including posts “featuring neo-Nazis” and “denigrating Black people.” Additionally, Re has liked tweets from VDare, a white nationalist blog associated with notorious racists and antisemites. 

The Daily Dot’s investigation has not stopped Re from liking posts from extremists, posting bigoted content, and complaining about “grievences against whites.”

In one recent instance, Re liked a post from “James Kirkpatrick,” a pseudonym used by white nationalist Kevin DeAnna.

Gregg re VDARE

Citation Screenshot from Re's Twitter likes 

Since being laid off by Fox, Re has attacked Fox News Executive Vice President of Primetime Programming Meade Cooper and network hosts Lawrence Jones and Jesse Watters.