Daily Wire's Matt Walsh: “Feminists themselves seem to understand feminism least of all”

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Citation From the July 26, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Trans ideology came about directly on the high heels of feminism. Why? Because, again, feminists are the ones who first argued that men and women are effectively the same, aside from what they considered insignificant anatomical differences. Feminists are the ones who declared that all gender roles and gender stereotypes are social constructs. For many decades, if anybody argued that women can compete with men in sports and do everything men can do, it would have been a feminist. Now that argument primarily comes from trans activists and you wanna pretend that they aren't saying exactly what your club has been saying for, like, a century. It's absurd.

Helen, you say that I understand that a man is a male person and a woman is a female person but that I think, quote, a whole bunch of other things follow from that. Yes. You're exactly right. I think that being a man means something and it means more than just anatomy. And being a woman means something, and it means more than just anatomy. See, what you don't understand is that your rejection of this principle, your claim that a whole bunch of things don't follow from being a man or a woman, that being a man or a woman has, essentially, no significance aside from differences in sex organs means that you and your ideology are to blame for exactly the thing you pretend to be fighting against. You made this. You did it.

But it's no surprise that such a murderous and evil ideology refuses to be honest with the world. Feminism has brought about destruction, misery, confusion – so much confusion that it's even confused about itself. Which is why, so often, you know, feminists themselves seem to understand feminism least of all. This is what you get from an ideology whose primary goal is to dismantle and destabilize. A goal that it has certainly achieved.