The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh fantasizes about police officers violently assaulting a drag queen

Walsh: “I don’t want to share a country with you. I don’t want to share a planet with you”

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Citation From the December 16, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): I'm at a point now, I'm almost like a single issue voter on this. It's not the only issue but it's the litmus test, it's the perfect litmus test. I don't want to vote for anyone when we get to 2024 -- I'm not going to vote for you unless you promise me that, like, that sort of scene, that you're going to be sending federal agents into there to arrest every adult in attendance. Every adult in attendance and every adult on stage. OK? I want law enforcement agents running up onto that stage, tackling that piece of garbage - that scum - dragging him off stage by his feet while he's in handcuffs. That's what I want. I'll vote for any presidential candidate who promises that. 

What you need to understand here is that we are dealing with pure evil. This is pure evil. The people who are doing this are evil. The people that are attending it and the people who support it. Every single -- and I know people, you don't want to think this way about your fellow Americans, especially if you go online and you see the number of seemingly normal Americans who will defend this and you think, I can't believe there are so many evil people in this country. There are. And they are evil people who we should not want to compromise with, not want to reach an understanding. I don't want to be nice and polite with you. And I'm not going to say, oh, we disagree on these issues but we can still be nice to each other. No. I don't want to be nice to you. I don't want to be around you. I want nothing to do with you. I don't want to share a country with you. I don't want to share a planet with you. That's how much I despise everything you represent. 

So, with this, this is not compromise. All we can do is crush it. Destroy it. That's what you do with evil. And that's what we have to do with this. That should be our objective. Because this is very plainly the mass sexual abuse of kids happening in plain sight. And they're not sorry and they're not ashamed and they're not ever going to stop until they're made to stop. 


So, I mean, just think about this, if it's true that they're in fear for their lives and they're getting all these threats and everything -- and most of this is just invented and made up. But even if it's true -- and so, according to you, you're getting threats and all that because you're exposing kids to drag, and you're still doing it? So, what, like, it's this important to you? 

You're still going to risk your life to expose children to drag? That's how important it is to you? To use the phrase that's always hurled at me, this is the hill you're going to die on? Well, that just makes me all the more determined to oppose you.