Daily Wire's Matt Walsh endorses deporting American-born children of undocumented immigrants: “You deport everyone, including the kids”

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Citation From the September 11, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): We are against splitting families up, aren't we? That was the big outrage during the Trump years. And they don't talk about it anymore, of course. Like, that was back when, you know, detaining someone at the border was putting them in a cage. So, there's always been detainment at the border, just like there was under Obama and there is now under Biden. And -- but now -- but for that four-year period, it was -- we called it putting people in cages. So back then, we were told that what made this so terrible is that you're breaking up families, you're splitting families up. And I agree that we don't wanna split families up. You know, as a parent, myself, I can't imagine being separated from my children. That's why I would never sneak across a border illegally with my children or without them, but especially not with them. There are a lot of reasons why I wouldn't do that, and one of them is it's -- I wouldn't wanna be separated from them and I -- and all that.

So, if we don't wanna separate families, then -- and you have a family here and they're here illegally and they have defied our laws and you need to deport them -- not because -- nothing personal, nothing personal against them. But they broke the law. And we have a border. We have to enforce it. And so, if you're going to deport them, what? Are you gonna separate them from their kids? Are you gonna keep their kids here and send the parents back alone? That, to me, is a much more cruel way of going about this. So obviously, you deport everyone, including the kids. Now the unspoken thing on the left is that, well, they don't wanna split the families up -- not that they care that much about splitting families up in principle, but they just wanna use that as an excuse to deport no one. So that's what they're going for, obviously.