Daily Wire host victim blames trans murder victims: “They do engage in those high-risk activities more than average”

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Citation From the October 24, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): First, you know, they keep carrying on with this nonsense so I have to continue reminding you that it is nonsense – the stuff about the trans murder rate, how trans people are murdered more than anyone else at an alarming rate, there's an epidemic of anti-trans murders. All of that – it's a flat-out lie. They're making it up. All they do is make stuff up and what they do is report the total number of trans people who are supposedly murdered – the total number, all of them, every single murder – and they insinuate or outright claim that they were all killed, every single one of them, in anti-trans hate crimes.

So, according them, according to the left, no trans person is ever killed except as a hate crime. If it weren't for hate crimes, trans people would never be killed. It would be a murder rate of zero if not for hate crimes. When, in reality, if you look at the data, you see that anti-trans hate crimes are extremely rare. Ok? Almost none of these murders are even tangentially linked to hate crimes in reality. Trans people, for the most part, are murdered for the same reasons that everyone else is – domestic disputes, drug-related, prostitution. So, if the trans murder rate is higher than average, it's because they engage in high-risk activities more than average – prostitution, drug activity. And they do engage in those high-risk activities more than average. And yet, as it turns out, even though they engage in these high-risk activities more than average, the trans murder rate is lower than the national average. A lot lower, it's like three times lower than the national average.


Also, by the way, if trans people were really terrified for their lives, they wouldn't be acting -- like, when you see Dylan Mulvaney, do you see someone who's acting like [she]'s terrified for [their] life? Like there's just anti-trans murderers waiting around every corner? Is that how [she]'s carrying on?