Daily Wire host says white bigotry is a “very, very small part” of “the entire story of human evil”

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Citation From the January 23, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): The Democrats and the media, the left – they have nothing to say about violence, they have nothing to say about human evil if it can't be tied to bigotry, and not bigotry but, specifically white bigotry. Any kind of human evil outside of that, they have nothing to say about it. And this is largely political, right? We know that. They prefer the white bigotry narrative for political reasons, for ideological reasons – we all understand that. But it's also more than that, because the white bigotry narrative, it's exactly that. It's a narrative. It's like a story. And so, this part of the issue with having 24-hour news in the first place is that they always have to have stories to tell. There's not enough actual news to report every second of the day. So, it's like, they've got stories. And every few days, there's another story and they're telling that story.

But they lack any kind of insight, even putting aside the political biases. They lack any insight into the human condition. They even lack imagination. So, they simply have nothing to say about – they have no narrative they can come up with, no story to tell about human evil outside of the realm of white bigotry. That's all they've got. Which is unfortunate because there's – with the entire story of human evil, white bigotry, again, very, very small part of that pie chart. There's the entire rest of the picture that we never talk about because they have nothing to say.