Daily Wire host says trans people commit violence by using the bathroom: “Their very presence in that space is an act of violence in and of itself”

Walsh: “You are an abuser simply by walking into the room”

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Citation From the December 13, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): But it's also no surprise when we hear about incidences like this and we see acts of violence against women carried about by quote, unquote, trans people in bathrooms and locker rooms and so on, because how could it be a surprise? Their very presence in that space is an act of violence in and of itself.  OK so, for a man to enter a private female space where females are vulnerable and exposed, that is an act of sexual harassment in and of itself. For a man to knowingly walk into a women's bathroom, that's sexual harassment - just to be there in the first place. You are an abuser simply by walking into the room. 


I don't care if they're sincere or not. It's like either it’s a man pretending to be confused about his gender, or he's sincerely confused. Either way, doesn't make a difference. It's not suddenly better if the man is actually confused and he's going into the women's restroom. Because that's what we mean when we say sincerely or really trans. Trans as a category is imaginary, it's a human invention. So, there's no way to be really trans. But you can be really confused about your identity. That does exist. But either way, no matter what your intentions are or your motivations, being there in the first place is a problem. It's an act of violence. Your presence is an intrusion. It is abusive. 

So, there is no question about whether men in the women's room are a threat. Are they a threat? Yes. How do I know? Because they're in the room. Because they're there. Just like if somebody walks into your house in the middle of the night. You know, you don't need to wonder if they're a threat. They're in your house. It doesn't matter what they do once they're inside -- I mean, it matters. They could make the situation even worse depending on how they behave once they get there. But my point is, by walking in the door, they're already perpetrating a violent and intrusive act. Same for men who walk into the women's room, the locker room. Just by walking in that door, that is an act of violence against the women that are in there. It is a threat. It is intimidation. This is all based around intimidation.