Daily Wire host says having a trans child is “a fate worse than death”

Matt Walsh: “You're losing your child. It's like a death of a child while they're still alive”

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Citation From the February 28, 2023, edition of The Spectator TV, posted to YouTube

WINSTON MARSHALL (HOST): Is it the children aspect that is so -- emotional for you? Because, so -- I see it that there's the aspects of the mutilation of children and the hormone blockers, etc. Then there's also the mutilation of the truth, you could say, or the distortion of truth, the concept of truth that's plagued with. And another thing, which probably was for me the -- why I started to care the most about the issue is about protecting women. I have a duty to protect my mom and my sister. And the idea that biological men are in toilets with them is unacceptable to me. So, that was the thing that was, sort of, my hook in to the topic, on a personal level. What was yours?

MATT WALSH (DAILY WIRE HOST): Really it's what you said, the mutilation of the truth, which -- I like that. I might steal that line. I don't know. I hadn't thought of that yet. But, to me, that's the starting point. And that is the most important thing. And all the other stuff grows from that root. Once we abandon truth as a society, then, you know, then all bets are off. And the whole reason why, you know -- the reason why it's terrible to do this to a child, the primary reason -- like, why is it -- why is it a terrible thing to try to turn a 15 year old girl into a boy? Well, because it's not possible. Because she can't be a boy. She's not. So, that's what makes it mutilation. That's what makes it -- it's not medical treatments. It's mutilation. And the reason why is because it's not true. So, I think that's the starting point for me, it's just like, this is not true. It's not true. And that's why it matters.

The thing that makes it really personal for me is the way that kids are affected by it. I have six kids and, you know, they are -- we homeschool them and we do -- my oldest kids are nine, so it's still relatively easy to shield them from a lot of this craziness. But eventually they're going to end up in the world and they're going to be subjected to this. And I hear from parents all the time, just these horror stories of, you know, I raised my kid, I did everything right. I even homeschooled. I did, whatever. And then one day my daughter at 16 comes home and declares that she's a boy. And from that moment, it's just she is devoured by this cult almost overnight and becomes unrecognizable. She wants nothing to do with us anymore. I've heard the story so many times and it's terrifying. It's horrific. You know, it's -- I think as a parent, it's like a fate worse than death in a lot of ways. You're losing your child. It's like a death of a child while they're still alive and -- so that's what makes it, I suppose, personal for me.