Daily Wire host: “Most pop music is satanic”

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Citation From the February 6, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show, streamed on YouTube

MATT WALSH (HOST): The left's cultural agenda is to tear down and desecrate all that you love and hold as sacred. They have no ideas of their own. They have no plan beyond the destruction. That's why they borrow from Christianity even while they try to ridicule it. They have to, in effect, sit on the same limb they're trying to saw off the tree. But they can't stand on their own, they have nothing. They don't have their own platform. It's an agenda motivated by pure hatred and resentment. They don't even know why they hate what they hate. But they do hate it and their hatred drives them to destroy.

Second, and I think maybe the most important point is that leftism is Satanism. There's a reason they rely so heavily on satanic imagery and all that kind of stuff. They are all literally Satanists, just not, for the most part, theological Satanists. That's an important distinction here. There are some theological Satanists out there who actually worship the devil outwardly, you know. But these people, they don't consider themselves -- and most leftists, they certainly don't consider themselves to be worshiping a being called Satan. Rather, they're worshiping what Satan worshiped, which is the self. The story of Satan is that he refused to worship and serve God, choosing instead to worship and serve himself. And the modern leftist has made the same choice.

Leftism is the worship of the self. It is the elevation of the self and the wants and desires of the self, especially the sexual wants and desires above everyone and everything else. Almost all modern pop music is an ode to this idea. Pop stars are singing praises to the gospel of self worship, which is to say that most of it is satanic. Yes, there's something that Media Matters can pull - most pop music is satanic because it is about promoting the worship of the self. It's just that it's usually not so explicit about it. But I think it's probably better that they are explicit so that people can see all this stuff for what it really is. And respond accordingly to it.