Daily Wire host: “I would rather be dead” than have a trans child

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Citation From the February 21, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): Now, finally, if you sense anger in the words that I use when discussing this topic, you're right. That is one crime I will confess to. I am angry. When I look at what these people have done to our country, the devastation they have wrought on a generation of children and adults alike, the bleakness and ugliness of their worldview, the moral and intellectual chaos they leave in their wake - yes, I get very angry. And when I consider that my own children must inherit this culture, that Dylan Mulvaney and his ilk will prey upon my children and try to turn my own sons and daughters into mutilated, mutant, self-loathing, hollow, twisted shells just like themselves, well, my anger then turns into more of a boiling rage. And I know that I will do whatever is necessary and I will speak whatever truths are necessary to protect my kids from this hellish godforsaken madness.

Now, I have personally heard from many parents, more than I can count, who tell me versions of the same horror story. A beautiful and innocent kid one day seemingly out of nowhere, gets sucked into the gender cult and is devoured by it. The child they held as a baby and raised and gave their lives to and loved and still love becomes, suddenly, unrecognizable. All of their innocence and light and beauty just drained out of them, replaced by this self-cannibalizing madness. For a parent to see this happen to a child, it is a fate worse than death. I would rather be dead than have that happen to my kids.

See, the thing that I most despise about Dylan Mulvaney is that he is part of a movement which actively seeks to turn my children into Dylan Mulvaney. That's why I'm entitled to my anger and to whatever language I use to convey it. I will say whatever I want to say and I will be justified in saying it because these people are after my kids. And yours. And everyone else's. And you're worried that I'm being a little rude?

Well, you see, when it comes to my children, the children that I cherish more than my own life, if you think mean words go too far, then you would be very shocked to hear how far I would really go to protect them. Trust me, words are the least of it. So, yes, my words reflect anger because I am angry. But the problem is not that I'm angry, the problem is that you aren't nearly angry enough.