Daily Wire host: White men are “indispensable to our civilization” and being “erased”

Matt Walsh: “The only group of people that in this country that are being erased in any kind of meaningful way, historically are white men.”

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Citation From the March 3, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): We hear this kind of thing all the time - that white men were thieves, they stole the achievements from other identity groups. But the people who make this claim can only ever provide a few very dubious examples. And that's because, in reality, white men were and still are indispensable to our civilization, which is an understatement.

A huge percentage of the greatest inventors, explorers, discoverers, scientists, philosophers, political leaders, artists, authors, poets, pioneers who built this country and this civilization were white or men, and very often were both. And not because they stole the work of others or they claimed credit for what others have done, but because they did it. They achieved it, they built it and they passed it down to us. This is simply a fact that should be acknowledged, just like it's acknowledged for every other group. But it's a fact that many in our society, especially younger people, actually don't know because we're not allowed to specifically acknowledge it. Kids grow up with resentment and suspicion towards white men rather than gratitude -- the kind of gratitude they should have.


It's not about merely pointing out a double standard. Okay, because this is not just a double standard. It's about pointing out a real and extremely successful effort to demonize a certain group of people and to erase their achievements. We hear so much about groups -- people being erased and their achievements -- that's only actually happening to one group, and that is white men. Okay? The only group of people that -- in this country that are being erased in any kind of meaningful way, historically are white men. And then people that are being erased in another sense, women by the trans activists. So those are the -- those are the two ways in which people are raised in this culture. And -- but those are also the ways that are never acknowledged.

We are not the first society to single out a group this way. We won't be the last. And that's why, you know, we know where it leads and we know that it doesn't lead anywhere good. And that is why today, in Women's History Month, the effort to cancel white men is instead canceled.