Daily Wire host complains that not enough conservatives are upset as him about Lizzo playing James Madison's flute

Matt Walsh on people celebrating Lizzo playing the flute of James Madison: “They're clearly saying that ... it's an act of racial retribution”

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Citation From the September 29, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): I also wanted to mention – we'll get off this subject in a moment but, you know, what really annoys me is that there are plenty of conservatives online – and you always have these, you know, useful idiots – who are saying, well, you know, I think it's kind of cool that Lizzo's playing the flute. Or they're doing what I mentioned before – they're saying, well, it's a trap. We can't feed into it and act like we care. We just have to emphasize that, ok, if that's what you're going with, then you're just accepting. You're just saying, ok, you can do that. Take the Declaration of Independence and use it as a napkin. Like, give that to her next. Next time she is eating waffles, she can use it as a napkin. You know, it's cool, it's historic. And it's just an object, who cares? Why should we care about that?

Meanwhile, they'll tell you to your face what they're actually doing. 


What are they saying? They're clearly saying that the way they see it, part of the point of this flute stunt was not only demoralization, as we talked about, but also very specifically it's an act of racial retribution. It's sort of like getting back at James Madison for his position on slavery. And we're going to do that by taking a priceless artifact that belonged to him and just making a mockery of it.

But sure, if you want to be above it all and say, who cares? Whatever, it doesn't matter. You can go ahead and do that. But you are ultimately giving the left exactly what it wants.