Daily Wire host boasts that trans people fleeing the country is a “great benefit” of anti-LGBTQ laws

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Citation From the February 6, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show, streamed on YouTube 

MATT WALSH (HOST): But I do think it's interesting that this individual -- ok, so this person is married to a trans person and then, what do you know? They also have two children who just so happen to be trans. But remember, there's no social contagion aspect of this. And, well, certainly no one is turning children trans or encouraging them to be trans or planting these ideas in their head. No one is doing that, that's a conspiracy theory. And, yet, what do you so often find? You so often find that so-called gender expansive adults tend to have "gender expansive" children. I just feel -- I mean, you feel horrible for these kids. What chance do they have in the world? 

And that's what stops me from -- you know, he says, that I want to flee the country. Well, if he himself flees and he's doing that, you know, in part in response to some of the laws that were -- that are being passed around the country, then I consider that another great benefit of those laws. Except that he has kids he'd bring with him. And they're the real victims in all of this.