Matt Schlapp says the GOP presidential nomination race is “shaping up very nicely for Donald Trump”

Schlapp: “My gut is Donald Trump is really positioning himself quite well to get this nomination again”

Matt Schlapp has appeared on Newsmax numerous times since a January 5 report that a Republican campaign staffer assigned as Matt’s driver in October said Matt had sexually assaulted him.

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Citation From the February 14, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Prime News

JENN PELLEGRINO (HOST): Matt, this seems pretty classic DC swamp to me. Your reaction. 

MATT SCHLAPP (GUEST): Yeah, look, I do think that's one of the big problems that she faces, which is -- let's face it. Donald Trump's policies are overwhelmingly popular in the Republican Party. We're going to find out whether he can break history and be the only second president in history to be separated in a second term, right? By somebody else in the White House of the opposing party. My gut is Donald Trump is really positioning himself quite well to get this nomination again. I think the problem for Nikki Haley and the others - they keep thinking Trump is done and then they try to distance themselves and he's never done. He's always coming back, and I think they keep getting snake bit by that. And I think the thing is is this - somebody might be able to be the heir to Trump, but it's not going to be somebody who seemingly rude to Trump and his supporters. I think that's the big thing that they're missing. And, look, she's going to be at CPAC. President Trump's going to be at CPAC. All these contenders will be at CPAC. They're going to stand before the country. They're gonna stand before these activists and we're going to see who plays well. I just -- I look at this race more and more, I think it's shaping up very nicely for Donald Trump.