Fox news anchor allows Matt Schlapp to push lies about voter fraud

Schlapp falsely claims Democrats keep dead people on voter rolls to cast ballots in their names and want open borders so noncitizens can vote illegally

From the March 20 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): It's hard to choose where to go first here but there are a lot of calls from Democrats that are clearly showing that they want to change the rules. The Wall Street Journal wrote this editorial piece specifically on targeting the Electoral College this morning. And in that, Matt, they write, quote, “The electoral college helps check polarization by forcing presidential candidates to campaign in competitive states across the country instead of spending all their time trying to motivate turnout in populist partisan strongholds.” What is the goal here and why are we hearing growing calls to change this particular rule? 

MATT SCHLAPP (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIRMAN): Well, because the Democratic Party is embracing radicalism and socialism and Sandra, the reason why we have things like the Electoral College, which is in the Constitution, is because our founders believed that small states and rural populations should be just as important as the big urban areas. So it's not just -- at the time it wasn't just about Philadelphia or New York City, but it was about rural areas, too. And so they baked this into our founding, including the Senate, where a small state like Delaware gets two senators just like a big state like California. And what you see with the Democrats, it's all about racial politics, it's all about the cultures and that values of the big urban areas. And that's who they're playing to. 

SMITH: You know, as far as the latest polling is concerned, knowing that Joe Biden hasn't officially entered the race yet, here is the latest CNN poll on where things stand, assuming that he does enter the race. He leads in the latest poll at 28 percent. But there's a clear trend happening here where we are seeing Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders on the rise; Bernie Sanders 20 percent, Kamala Harris 12 percent. Very interesting. She went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and she was -- she said she fully intends to win, by the way. On the Electoral College though specifically, she said she's open to abolishing it. No question, the popular vote has been diminished. Is this going to be a winning message for them? 

SCHLAPP: Yeah you know why the popular vote's been diminished,  Sandra, is because you literally have Democrats who want to have an open southern border. They don't want to have borders in our country. When people get released into the interior of our country and they're here illegally, they then want to give them a credential like a driver's license. And then in Kamala Harris' home state of California they have changed all the voting rules so that it's very easy for people who are not on the voting rolls to vote. Or people remain on the voting rolls after they are dead or after they're no longer eligible to vote. This is a scam and I really think it's important for the American people to understand what's at play. It's not that they actually want one person, one vote. It's not that they actually want the popular vote. It's that they want to run up the tally in the popular vote, including through these means which I think most Americans find repugnant. When you get your ballot in the mail, you should have to fill it out. You should have to turn it in. It shouldn't be given blank or in any other way to some kind of Democratic operative who can play games with that ballot. We saw that happen with a Republican in North Carolina, we're seeing it with Democrats all across the country. We will not have honest and secure elections if these laws continue. 


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