Fox's Martha MacCallum claims “nobody is being supportive” of Kenosha shooter one day after Trump defended Kenosha shooter

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Citation From the September 1, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): Juan, he said in that same speech, Joe Biden, "I'm not a radical socialist, do I look like a radical socialist," he said. So then, why would it be difficult to -- to talk about these groups? It ought to be natural for someone who portrays himself that way, to be able to say, "I am not the radical formers of Black Lives Matter and I am not antifa, and these people are burning down buildings and ruining people's lives and they need to stop." Why not just say it? 

JUAN WILLIAMS (GUEST): Well, first of all, he did say that looting, rioting, setting buildings on fire is wrong and it's a crime and the people who do it ought to be not only arrested but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He said that quite plainly. But I think that what you are saying is curious to me, because I read in the newspaper today that the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported that it's like 90 percent, 90 percent, Martha, of the incidence of crime, you know, the rioting and violence, are a responsibility of right-wing militia groups in this country. And it's just, to me, astonishing that President Trump is the one who is quick to say, oh - 

MACCALLUM: Those numbers are not referring to what is happening in the cities.

WILLIAMS: "You know what, Black Lives Matter, the name" -- 

MACCALLUM: Yeah, those numbers are not referring to these incidents and what we're watching and what we've been covering for the last three months. 

WILLIAMS: I'm just telling you right now, right-wing -- I'm telling you, I'm telling you this country is really experiencing a wave of right-wing violence. We saw two men killed, two men killed in Kenosha by a young man, 17, who identified himself as part of a militia, pro-police -- 

MACCALLUM: And he is under investigation. That's a heinous situation and nobody is -- nobody is being supportive of it. 

WILLIAMS: And again, Black Lives Matter protesters -- and he should be! But I don't see President Trump -- Martha, has President Trump once said that that young man did something wrong? He's been given every opportunity and never said it.

MACCALLUM: He said it's under investigation. In fact, I just questioned Hogan Gidley about exactly that, that question.