Fox's Brit Hume dismisses newly released Ukraine documents turned over by Lev Parnas as evidence “we’ve already heard”

Hume: “It sounds very much like evidence that we've already heard”

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Citation From the January 14, 2020 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum:

MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): I do want to ask you about the new evidence that is coming in tonight, this Lev Parnas evidence.

He was involved with Rudy Giuliani and had some business interests in Ukraine that he appears to have been trying to move forward with some of these machinations that involve the ambassador and thing -- you know, all of that.

I want to put up on the screen one of the pieces of evidence that has come out, which is a note that is handwritten and it says "Get Zelensky to" -- get Zelensky to -- it's not -- sorry, here we go -- "To announce that the Biden case will be investigated," and that is a note, I believe, that is in Rudy Giuliani's hand. I think that's the suggestion here in this.

We have also got Lev Parnas saying that there's another letter, a Giuliani letter that cites Trump's knowledge and consent of his request to have a meeting with Zelensky, which is getting a ton of attention on other channels. What do you make of it?  

BRIT HUME: Well, it sounds like -- it sounds very much like evidence that we've already heard, which is that -- that -- that Trump wanted an investigation undertaken of the Bidens in connection with the Burisma matter.

MACCALLUM: Which we know, because he asked for it specifically on the phone.

HUME: Yeah. Well, that's right, and I think it tends to back up what we've already learned which is that he wanted that and he wanted it publicly announced. In fact, he seemed to want it publicly announced more than he wanted it to actually happen.