Fox “straight news” anchor doesn’t ask Corey Lewandowski about admitting to lying before Congress

Fox “straight news” anchor Martha MacCallum hosted former CNN commentator and Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski shortly after he told the House Judiciary Committee that he has “no obligation to be honest with the media.” MacCallum never brought up Lewandowski’s stunning admission.

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Citation From the September 17 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

Lewandowski admitted to lying after Democratic counsel Barry Berke questioned him regarding a MSNBC interview he gave in February. His testimony to the committee confirmed Robert Mueller’s finding that Trump pushed Lewandowski to pressure the attorney general to put limits on the special counsel’s investigation. In February, Lewandowski falsely told host Ari Melber that this was not true.

Fox News is currently in an advertiser crisis and has been pushing “straight news” anchors like MacCallum as somehow distinct from its opinion programming. That was always a lie.