Fox News anchors covering Hurricane Ian don't realize Puerto Rico is part of the United States

Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino failed to correct Martha MacCallum for contrasting hurricane damage in Puerto Rico with “better infrastructure in our country”

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Citation From the September 28, 2022, edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom

MARTHA MACCALLUM (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): You have, obviously, they are displaced by this. You’ve got schools shut down, you’ve got airports shut down. People who were hoping to get out, now it’s too late for that for most of them in Florida. You’ve got, you know, sports events, football games, Buccaneers —

DANA PERINO (CO-ANCHOR): A big economic impact.

MACCALLUM: All of that affected by this. Yeah, big economic impact, to be sure.

BILL HEMMER (CO-ANCHOR): Florida Power & Light is getting help from multiple states, a lot of power crews coming in from other parts of the country, especially in the South. Florida does the same in Alabama and Louisiana, wherever they’re needed as well. We have upwards of 200,000 people without power, that number’s going to change significantly between now and the time that you’re on the air this afternoon.

MACCALLUM: You saw what happened in Cuba, I mean, the entire island is completely out of power. And it gives you — you know, you feel terrible for people in Puerto Rico who were just hit, in Cuba who were just hit. Thank God we have better infrastructure in our country. We’ve put a lot of investment into making sure that we’re ready for these things. But it’s an act of nature, and you never know exactly what to expect.