Fox anchor criticizes VP Harris for using accessible language during roundtable with disability rights activists

Martha MacCallum: “I just — think it smacks of sort of, not focusing on where people's priorities necessarily are”

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Citation From July 27th, 2022, Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

MARTHA MACCALLUM (FOX ANCHOR): So much woke when it comes to the issues of gender and pregnancy. Top Democratic Senate candidates all refusing to answer Fox's question of whether men can get pregnant or could they please define the word woman. These would never have been tricky questions in the past, folks. This echoes a recent clash between Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) and a Berkeley professor. He pressed her over her repeated use of the term people with capacity for pregnancy during a Senate hearing earlier the month. Critics also having a field day today over the way that Vice President Harris introduced herself at a recent roundtable on the Roe decision. Watch this.


VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, and I'm a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.


MACCALLUM: Oh boy. South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan tweeting, "I don't care what your pronouns are or what color your suit is. What are you doing to address the southern border?"

Kevin, has this gone too far? There's being courteous and respecting people with disabilities and other issues or other, you know, preferences but I think most Americans look at that and say I'm sorry, what?

KEVIN WALLING (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I think, Martha, most Americans think this is a distraction even going down this route. As you rightly point out, it was an event marking the historic Americans with Disabilities Act. There were visually impaired individuals there that only see color, that only see shapes and she was being proactive in using that terminology to be effective in that room with those individuals. So, I think Mercy [Mercedes Schlapp] needs to talk to her friends over at the Republican at the RNC and get them in line when it comes to attacking Americans with disability over something like this.

MACCALLUM: I don't think it is an attack of Americans with disabilities and, you know, we do obviously understand the circumstances and other people introduced themselves that way in that room. But I just — think it smacks of sort of, not focusing on where people's priorities necessarily are, and it's not the way most people, I think, probably address each other around the country, Mercy, and think it might look them — make them look a little bit out of touch with where people are.

MERCEDES SCHLAPP (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): When our military is focused on teaching more about pronouns and misgendering than focusing on military readiness, we have a problem in this country. It is a really distraction that with the idea of pronouns, this idea that we have to identify ourselves with who we are. I mean we should be all Americans coming together for the greatness of this country. End of story. And guess what, for the record, Kevin, I don't think you can get pregnant. So let's be real. The Democrats have to stop this insanity with trying to redefine women. They can't even define what a recession is, they can't even define what a woman is. Kevin, get your party. Save it or I don't know what we're going to do.