Mark Levin Rails Against “Disastrous” Budget Deal

Levin: If Congressional Republicans “Were In The Private Sector ... They Would Be Prosecuted For Fraud” For Supporting Deal

From the October 27 edition of Cumulus Media Networks' The Mark Levin Show:

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MARK LEVIN: John Boehner has been working behind the scenes again with Barack Obama, and came up with a disastrous budget. Supported in Politico, supported by The New York Times, supported by The Washington Post. If you're a Social Security recipient, this is a disastrous budget, I'm going to tell you why in a minute. Not because it doesn't pay enough, but because of what it does to Social Security yet again. If you're concerned about the massive fiscal operating debt, which has been massively increased by this president and this Congress, by both parties, you should be very, very concerned. Barack Obama is praising this budget deal, The New York Times says he won it all, and he did. It was negotiated in secret by John Boehner. They didn't go through the usual subcommittee and committee procedures, which aren't so usual anymore. You had no say in it. You had no opportunity to contact your representatives in the House or your senators in the Senate. And then, members of Congress are told they have 48 hours to review it and then they're going to be voting on it. And you watch as most of your Republican members of Congress come to the microphone and defend this and support this. And if they were in the private sector, they'd be in handcuffs, they'd be thrown in paddy wagons, and they would be sent off to jail and federal prison eventually, and they'd be prosecuted for fraud. They would be prosecuted for embezzlement. Not for their own financial benefit but for their own political benefit. And I predict here today -- and I'm not in the prediction business, but let me go way out on a little limb, not really -- that John Boehner will now make millions of dollars as a lobbyist. One day, maybe not right away, but eventually, just like Denny Hastert, just like Trent Lott, just like all these bums. And they are bums, and I'm sick and tired of pretend conservatives defending John Boehner and Mitch McConnell when they're selling this country down the river. And that's exactly what they do. What the hell does the Republican Party stand for? And I am sick and tired of these phony conservatives who come to me to get radio time to get donations from you during election cycles, and then they throw in, like this Joni Ernst from Nebraska (sic), like the other one, Ben Sasse from Nebraska. And I can go all down the list. Frauds and phonies. They use us, they use you.


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