Mark Levin: Democrats are “pushing the mail-in vote” to “burn down this country like they've burned down their cities”

Mark Levin: Democrats are "pushing the mail-in vote" to "burn down this country like they've burned down their cities"

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Citation From the September 15, 2020, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show 

MARK LEVIN (HOST): But what could happen is that if Pelosi and Schumer if they control the Senate and the House, could try and delay a final decision, which might result in Nancy Pelosi being the acting President of the United States. She's the second in line after the Vice President. So think about that -- now I think there could be challenges to that. I think there could be challenges to that. For example, if I'm the Republicans in the House, and we have the majority delegations -- I would go ahead and vote.

But this is something we need to keep in mind, because this scenario -- or a scenario like it -- I believe is what the Democrats are up to. I believe they've gamed this out -- they have two former Solicitors of the United States who are gaming this out with the Biden campaign. They have a former Attorney General of the United States who's gaming this out with the Biden campaign.

It just shows you how diabolical and how evil the Democratic party is. And how diabolical and evil their media are. Because even going through this process would cause grave fissures -- grave fissures -- in this country. And that's why they're pushing the mail-in vote.

Now interestingly -- and I am concerned about it -- you can see that the Democrats are going to vote overwhelmingly with the mail-in vote. So if anything goes wrong on the mail-in vote -- and many things will because the states are not prepared to handle this, and because some of the deadlines in the states don't match the federal deadlines -- they will blame the Post Office. And they will say Trump sabotaged the Democrat vote, the mail-in vote, through the Post Office. You have heard that. That's the set up. 

If Trump is leading, they're going to demand that he wait -- they're going to go into court -- they're going to do everything they can in every county and every battleground state that they can possibly do damage in. 

Now -- let's say the Democrats are ahead on election night. And Donald Trump's legal team wants to challenge, they are going to say that Donald Trump is a dictator, he doesn't want to leave office, and we need to send in the military to remove him.

This is what they are up to, ladies and gentlemen. They will burn down this country like they've burned down their cities.