Mark Levin calls FBI search at Mar-a-Lago “a shot between the eyes of this republic”

Mark Levin calls FBI search at Mar-a-Lago "a shot between the eyes of this republic""

Mark Levin calls FBI search at Mar-a-Lago "a shot between the eyes of this republic""
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Citation From the August 8, 2022, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): What the Biden administration did today was a shot between the eyes of this republic. And let me explain a number of things. You subpoena the records from the former president. You let his lawyers know the subpoenas are coming because you put down the basis for what – the documents that you want. And then you negotiate. What you do not do is go to somebody's home who's a former president with a warrant. Go into the house and there have to be scores of FBI agents. It's a massive facility and apparently break into his safe, among other things, gather up all the computers. He can't even function as a former president of the United States at this point and an obvious candidate for president of the United States.

So what Merrick Garland and this U.S. attorney Graves have done and what this committee have done is the greatest insurrection since the Civil War. Because clearly, at least in part, their intent is to affect the Republican primary process. Their intent is to affect the midterm elections. Clearly, this is their intent.

Now, let me tell you something else. What this frigging irresponsible government has done. It's lit a fire under the communist Chinese and the Iranians and others. They see this going on. They know now that America is in such a chaotic, anarchical situation that if they want to strike or they want to break out with their nuclear weapons, now is that time. Because the attention of the American people will not be on any of this. People are going to say, Who gives a damn about Taiwan? Who gives a damn about the nuclear missiles? So this has national security implications.

I telling you now. This is stunning. Stunning. This damn Department of Justice knows that it had a hundred different ways to get this information. But it chose to be as dramatic, militaristic, and as aggressive as possible against the former president. And I bet if you go on social media now, you'll find all the Democrat sites orgasmic with what's taking place? Utterly celebratory. The damage that has been done by the Democrats and this corrupt media over the last five years.

Now, look at this. They tried to cripple his candidacy by spying on it. I should know. I helped break that. Then they try to destroy his presidency by hanging this dossier over his head for God knows how long. Then they trigger a criminal investigation with no predicate whatsoever. Then they impeach him over one word and a damn phone call where even Zelensky says it wasn't a a pressure job. And then they impeach him when he's out of office. Never have been done in American history. They violate their own impeachment processes that have been used traditionally in every single presidential impeachment because Pelosi's in charge. Then they create this January 6 committee, violate all the traditions of the House once again to make sure they're all Pelosi-approved members of this committee. No opposition. No contrary evidence, no exculpatory witness. Nothing. Nothing. The witnesses lie. Half of them have lied. The members go on TV pushing, pushing, pushing criminal charges. Liz Cheney says the other day, we're not a nation of laws if he's not indicted. That's what she says.

And now an FBI raid of the former president's compound at Mar-a-Lago, which had to take 75 FBI agents. I'm just telling you, it's that big. Which means they took his computers, any other devices there. Apparently, they broke into his vault or safe. God knows what they did. So far, fifteen boxes of material were removed. And we don't know how many electric electrical devices, how many computers and so forth were removed. Fifteen boxes of material. It's unbelievable.

And your media, the corrupt American media won't raise a single constitutional objection. They don't bring on serious people who can talk about the so-called criminal statutes and their phony applications to what took place. How does this attorney general and this U.S. attorney and any of the others participate in this? How do they think half the country is going to react to this? How do they think you think the propaganda from the Chuck Todds and the George Stephanopouloses and you name – you think that's going to affect the people who hate the media which is at what, 16% approval? The media have already demonstrated what they are and who they are. Do you think? Do you think the vast majority of conservatives forget about the narrow Trumpers, they're bubble gum on the bottom of your show? You think the Republicans – tou think they're just going to roll over for this stuff? Unbelievable. Absolutely, absolutely sickening.

And for weeks, they knew they were doing this. That's why Merrick Garland did that interview. That's why the FBI director wouldn't respond to very clear questions. That's why the committee members, every damn one of them, been on TV for months demanding the indictment of Donald Trump. They were working for the prosecution. Clearly a violation of separation of powers.

We don't have a single judge in the District of Columbia with enough guts and backbone to deal with this. Not one. Not one that stands for liberty, not one. And I pray to God I'm not the only one speaking out against this. Backbenchers, we need you now. We need you now.

And what's the purpose of all this? Two indict him. To affect the Republican primaries. To get to him before he announced. Try out a lot of Republican operatives. But please don't announce before the primary that this November. Please don't announce before November. Please, please. Many of them were RINOs. RINOs on TV. And you know who they are. The worst thing he could do is to announce before November and hurt our candidates.

Fifteen boxes of material. So China is on the precipice of an invading Taiwan and nobody is going to give a crap. Nobody's going to care. The Iranians are about to have nuclear warheads on ICBMs, and nobody's going to care. This is also a national security calamity. Absolute calamity.

It's the United States of the Democrat Party. They want to change the voting system nationwide so they can't lose. They just rammed through a massive spending system to destroy our energy system to make you poorer. And to put you on more government programs. They refused to secure the border, which is a constitutional violation. Well, the president supposed to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, the attorney general's done nothing. This attorney general has threatened parents at school board meetings without any jurisdiction at the direction of the White House. He has sued Republican state legislatures, not a Democrat one, because he doesn't like the voting laws they put in place. He has sued one Republican state legislature because he doesn't like their abortion law. He has no authority for much of this.

And I'm waiting to see how the Republicans on Capitol Hill respond to this. They should be jumping up and down in absolute fury. Absolute fury.

Now is not the time, as Thomas Paine put it, for summer soldiers. No, I'm not talking about waryYou nuts at the New York Times and The Washington Post. Now is the time for men and women who believe in liberty to raise their voices – nonviolently, civilly, legitimately. Not like them. Now is the time to contact your member of the House of Representatives and your Senator and demand that they speak out rather than sit back and watch how this plays out. I sit and watch how this plays out. It played out.

This is the precursor to indictments. That's what it is. They did this before he announced. They did this before the November election. And as a former chief of staff to an attorney general of the United States, we never would have done this, certainly not this way. And if we had an attorney general who was half as politically corrupt as Merrick Garland, a Ronald Reagan would have said, the hell are you thinking? What are you doing? What are you doing? This FBI – remember Comey. Remember McCabe? Remember Baker? Remember Pfizer? Remember the dossier? Remember the phony Russian information? All with the FBI. Remember all that? Remember Brennan. What was the other kook's name? The ball guy. I can't remember. Remember? Head of the CIA. Clapper. Clapper. Brennan all over the place – knew they were lying about Russian collusion. Remember the over 50 national security experts. About Hunter's laptop. These people are corrupt. They don't believe in republicanism. They don't believe in democracy. They don't believe in the Constitution. Raiding an ex-president's home.

What's he going to do? Where's he going to escape to? And then you see the coordination with The New York Times and Maggie Haberman and her book. I have pictures of ripping up and flushing down a toilet. Wow. And she puts them out today. Perfectly coordinated. How many times have we heard that they have a smoking gun? How many times have we heard they have his fingerprints? How many times have we heard they have DNA? Instead, they have to take these criminal laws, try and massage them. Try and massage the information. You are seeing the criminalization of politics. And it started five years ago. Five years ago.