Mark Levin absurdly claims that the three-fifths compromise in the Constitution had nothing to do with slavery or white supremacy

From the July 9 edition of BlazeTV's LevinTV:

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MARK LEVIN (HOST): I want you to pull out the United States' Constitution ... 'oh the three-fifth's rule.' The three-fifths rule had nothing to do with promoting slavery or white supremacists. The three-fifths rule was used by the free North to limit the South's power in the House of Representatives.

The argument was, essentially, by the northerners, you cannot treat slaves as individuals for the purpose of increasing your numbers in the House of Representatives when you don't give them the right to vote, when you treat them as property. And so they had this compromise.

Not that they were three-fifths of a human being, but that they counted as three-fifths for the purpose of apportionment, because they couldn't resolve the issue of slavery there.

So none of the founding documents promote white supremacy -- none of them.


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