House Republicans rally with Mark Levin - who regularly lobs sexist attacks on their colleagues

Here's a question for you: Suppose there's a guy that insults your co-workers on a regular basis. He makes fun of their looks. He gives them insulting and sexist nicknames. And suppose one day you have, say, a company picnic or event. Do you invite that guy -- who doesn't even work with you -- to give a speech?

If you're the House Republicans, the answer is an enthusiastic, 'Yes!' At the Capitol today, House Republicans rallied against health care - and featured radio host Mark Levin. What has Levin said about the Republicans' colleagues in the House and Senate?

And it's not just sexist attacks on women serving in the House and Senate:

Levin, by the way, stands by and is proud of his attacks. Indeed, he regularly repeats many of them.

(Levin, standing at a podium, with House Minority Leader John Boehner listening)

Again, it isn't like Mark Levin rushed the stage and grabbed a microphone. “The great one,” as Levin fans such as Rep. Michele Bachmann call him, was an invited guest.

Levin's incendiary attacks aren't a secret. While we know Republican members and their staff aren't quite tech-savvy, the invention called Google has been around for a while. Meanwhile, some prominent Republicans - not in the House GOP caucus, apparently - have been raising concerns about Levin.

And there's the big question: Given the knowledge of Levin's constant sexist attacks against House and Senate members, why did Congressional Republicans roll out the red carpet for Levin?