Fox's Mark Levin praises congressman who called to “kill 'em all” in Gaza

Levin to Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN): “God bless you, my friend”

Fox's Mark Levin praises congressman who called to "kill 'em all" in Gaza

Fox's Mark Levin praises congressman who called to "kill 'em all" in Gaza
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Citation From the February 22, 2024 edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): I've asked Representative Andy Ogles, Republican Tennessee, to come on the program. I don't believe we've ever spoken. You know, it's a first time for everything. And he's under attack by the vicious pro-Hamas media. He was being stalked by pro-Hamas protesters and, in so many words, he said to them, I'll tell you what I think. I think all of Hamas should be killed. Do I have that about right, congressman?

REP. ANDY OGLES (R-TN): Yes, sir. You're -- you hit the nail on the head, but it's great to be on the show, and you're a great American. I appreciate what you do.

LEVIN: Thank you, sir. So, in other words, you're saying from the river to the sea, no Hamas. Is that about right?

OGLES: Exactly. Well, look, you know, once you've seen --

LEVIN: Why is that controversial?

OGLES: Exactly. They literally were torturing and raping babies. Who would have empathy for anyone who would do that? And so, Israel has the right to cleanse their community of that kind of -- of gross existence of evil, and if they have to purge it, then so be it. Let them purge it.

LEVIN: And what the hell is wrong with that? We've done that ourselves through our history, whether it's Hitler, whether it's -- you -- you name it. I mean, it's so perverse, you know, people say we do these forever wars, we never win them. No, the problem is we have individuals who run these wars, we have individuals who run our State Department, we have an individual in the White House right now, they're the problem. They're the problem. You have Joe Biden right now who's undermining the state of Israel and giving Hamas hope because he's telling the Israeli soldiers, don't you damn rush that town, don't you kill the head of Hamas. And so Hamas is taking strength from this.


LEVIN: Well, God bless you, my friend. We're gonna have you back if that's alright with you.