Fox host and contributor agree: Democrats are empowering undocumented immigrants in order to take over red states

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Citation From the September 15 edition of Fox News' Life, Liberty & Levin

MARK LEVIN (HOST): What do you think about Democrat candidates for president, who are campaigning on, among other things, free health care for illegal immigrants?

TOM HOMAN (FOX CONTRIBUTOR, FORMER ACTING DIRECTOR, IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT): When I saw — I saw the debates, and it's disgusting. Because these are people that want to run for the president of the United States, and their number one responsibility should be to secure secure our country and protect Americans. But when they raise their hands, they want to get free medical care, and several of them want to do away with all detention — we shouldn't be detaining these people — and they want to reward those who entered illegally through — the DACA people, through that illegal program that was created by the Obama administration —

LEVIN: Obama's fiat.

HOMAN: So, when you talk about abolishing ICE, giving them free medical care, giving them a pathway to citizenship even though they violate our laws.

LEVIN: Driver's licenses, some local towns where they're allowed to vote.

HOMAN: And we are not going to detain you. When you start throwing all this out, you're enticing more people to come to this country illegally. So here we have a president who is taking action to decrease — 56% just recently — and they're throwing gas on the fire. So rather than helping this president secure the border, which is their job, they want to keep enticing more people to come. And my opinion is, it’s about votes. That’s why they don’t want the citizenship questions on the census. This is about more seats in the House, this is about power, this is about the electoral college. This is about their power. And what I’ve explained to them, this isn’t just about enforcing the law. This is about saving lives. If you really care about these people, like you say you do, stop enticing them, because they put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations where they’re abused, they die, they’re raped. So, let’s do the right thing for the American people first. That was my last testimony that upset them because I brought that to the forefront

LEVIN: This is right on. For the left, it’s about power, politics, taking red border states, making them purple, and eventually blue. And you know what? They’re succeeding.