Fox host Mark Levin fearmongers that “transgenderism ... is an attack on the social construct and contract”

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Citation From the July 9, 2021, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Liberals never wanted to call themselves liberals. You say “American Marxism" and the left's heads are going to explode. They're already exploding. I've seen comments already about the title of your book, people not having read your book. Why did you name it American Marxism?
MARK LEVIN (FOX NEWS HOST): The title of the book came to me -- I started this book about 16 months ago, about 10 months into the book, as I was doing research and studying the scholarship and who are behind these various movements -- critical theory, critical race theory, the current immigration movement, so-called climate change and degrowth movement, transgenderism, which is an attack on the social construct and contract and so forth -- and I said we have allowed these people to intimidate us long enough.