Fox host Mark Levin calls Trump indictment “a grotesque, Stalinist, Maoist-type action”

Levin: “And I just want the audience to know that we are staring in the face of tyranny, that the Democrat Party is a totalitarian party”

Fox host Mark Levin calls Trump indictment “a grotesque, Stalinist, Maoist-type action”

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Citation From the March 30, 2023, edition of Westwood One’s The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): I’m not on tonight, because I just spent two hours for President Trump at Mar-a-Lago interviewing him for my Sunday Fox show. Then I left, and within an hour I hear on the radio about this outrageous action by the Soros -prosecutor in Manhattan. I don’t like this phrase, “The first president ever indicted,” that’s exactly what they want, they want the mugshot. But, I will tell you this, as a nation we’ve now turned the corner. We’ve turned the corner into a hard tyranny — that a former president could be indicted, really, over absolute nonsense.

And the fact that they’ve had four grand juries functioning, one in Manhattan, two in Atlanta — well, I guess it’s five — two in Washington, D.C. — all these Democrat, heavy Democrat cities, demonstrates to you that we’ve now crossed the Rubicon into tyranny. We have completely out-of-control prosecutors and investigators. And what’s interesting is, if Lee Zeldin had been elected the governor of New York, his first act, he told us, was to fire Alvin Bragg. Well, you can see why.

And if Democrats are cheering, this is what people need to understand. That the Democrat Party is the party of totalitarianism, that’s what it is. Murderers, rapists, in the front door, out the back door. But if you’re a Republican or if you’re a Trump supporter, anything of that sort, well then of course they’re going to hunt you down and they’re going to do whatever they have to do. Democrat grand juries, Democrat juries, Democrat prosecutors, Democrat judges, and no care at all for the country. The party comes first. So, this is a grave turn. I don’t know that we will ever come out of this now, where a precedent has been set that local prosecutors can charge politicians, particularly a former president like this. It’s a completely bogus case, I’ve looked at it backwards and forwards. It’ll probably give inspiration to the Democrat prosecutor in Atlanta, an inspiration to the Democrat phony special counsel in Washington, D.C. And, I just want the audience to know that we are staring in the face of tyranny, that the Democrat Party is a totalitarian party. Donald Trump should never have been criminally investigated by Mueller, he should never have been impeached twice. He should never have faced these kinds of investigations, which are preposterous. And, so this is a very, very serious matter, the way this has been done.

And all this talk about "the grand jury’s gone for a month," obviously that was subterfuge, that was a cover-up. Because they knew they were going to bring this, whatever this is, it's still under seal, in order to — I guess they did it for quote-unquote "security reasons." But rather than the first president or former president ever indicted, I think the headline here, and it’s a big headline, is "America has gone tyrannical." And the Democrat Party has dragged us there because they never accepted the Trump presidency, they never accepted his existence. He stood in Hillary’s way, he stood in Obama’s way, and they are simply not going to tolerate that. If you’re a Republican like a [former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)] or a [Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH)] or a [former Gov. Larry Hogan (R_MD)], or whomever, you’re going to do just fine because you’re just a figurehead, you’re not going to fight hard to reverse the course of what the Democrats have done to this country. They’ll just slow-roll you, and that’ll be that. But in a matter like this, this is how difficult it is to beat Washington, to beat the administrative state, to beat the Republican establishment.

This is a grotesque, grotesque, Stalinist, Maoist-type action. You’ve got a multibillionaire who’s behind it, [philanthropist George Soros]. You’ve got an intellectually corrupt prosecutor — we have prosecutors running for office, running to get votes by saying they’re going to get Trump, they’re going to indict Trump. This guy did it, and the attorney general of New York did it. You are not safe in a blue state, you are not safe in a blue city, that’s the bottom line. But there’s really nowhere else to go.

On the subject of political totalitarianism, Levin has publicly defended Trump’s claim that then-Vice President Mike Pence could have overturned the 2020 election results, as well as Trump’s call to suspend the U.S. Constitution.