Fox Business guest calls it “troubling” that wages have gone up

Nancy Tengler hypes inflation fears: “You’re not going to reverse those wage increases”

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Citation From the July 14, 2021, edition of Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria Bartiromo

NANCY TENGLER (CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS): I think one of the things that’s troubling is that I don't actually really know what “transitory” means — I mean, I get the concept, but when you’re raising — raging — raising — oh goodness — raising wages, and this is happening at small businesses all across the country. You’re not going to reverse those wage increases.

I mentioned earlier that, you know, we have a client who has raised prices three times this year 2%, 8%, and 7%, and he’s raised wages. So, how does that not sort of trickle through the economy, in terms of increasing inflation?