Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo takes Elon Musk's complaints about spam accounts on Twitter credulously

Musk famously waved due diligence in agreeing to purchase Twitter

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Citation From the July 8, 2022, edition of Fox Business' Mornings With Maria

MARIA BARTIROMO (FOX BUSINESS ANCHOR): Elon Musk's team has reportedly stopped discussions about funding his $44 billion Twitter takeover. He's threatening to walk away from the deal if Twitter cannot prove that less than 5% of daily active users are spam accounts. It comes with a billion-dollar termination fee on both sides of all of this.


BARTIROMO: I think, Alex, Elon Musk has done a great favor to business and certainly social media to point out the issue of fake accounts.


ALEX SANCHEZ (GUEST): He has every right to do his due diligence, Maria, to make sure that what he's buying is for real.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. Exactly. Well, look. Twitter stock has been going back and forth on these negotiations, but now they're talking about an all-out stop in the talks because, you know, he wants more information here. We don't know how many are actually fake accounts.

As has been widely reported, Musk famously waived due diligence.