Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo claims that the Biden White House fabricated the Russian threat to Ukraine to cover for Hillary Clinton

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Citation From the February 16, 2022, edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria

MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): Yeah. I think you make such a great point. $365 billion dollars a year in oil and he's going to go invade and put that in jeopardy. I totally agree. And that's what some congressmen were telling me over the weekend which is why I questioned whether or not the whole thing was a ruse with Jake Sullivan coming out so hysterical over the weekend, telling us to get out of Ukraine and that Russia is going to invade today. Obviously, in retrospect, he was trying to change the conversation from Hillary Clinton and her bad behavior and her dirty tricks against Donald Trump.



CATSIMATIDIS: As our old friend that used to be president used to say, that was a lot of crap. And the fact is, Putin was never going to invade. Putin was never going to invade.


CATSIMATIDIS: I've said that President Biden needs a war and Putin was afraid that President Biden was going something stupider. And that's why he withdrew the troops because President Biden needs a war. Have you watched the movie Wag The Dog? That's what it's all about. If he starts a war and it takes inflation off the front page of The New York Times, and it takes prices off the -- and it takes Mexico off.

BARTIROMO: Yeah, yeah, and it takes – that's right. It takes off the front page inflation, it also takes off the front page Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan pushing the Russia collusion hoax for so many years.