Thiessen falsely suggests health care reform will add to the deficit

In his July 6 Washington Post column, Marc Thiessen falsely suggested that health care reform legislation would increase the deficit. In fact, as Media Matters has repeatedly noted, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that health care reform would actually lower the deficit.

From Thiessen's column:

It seems that fiscal responsibility sells on both sides of the pond. Americans are yearning for leaders like Osborne who are willing to make these kinds of hard choices and end the fiscal recklessness in Washington. Polls show that Americans want candidates for Congress who support spending cuts and consider the national debt the greatest threat to our country, on par with the threat of terrorism. This is why President Obama is trying to recast himself as a champion of fiscal responsibility. Last week in Wisconsin, he declared “We've got to get this debt and our deficit under control.” This from the man who rammed an $877 billion stimulus bill and a $1 trillion government health-care bill through Congress. In just 17 months, Obama and the Democrats have increased the national debt by 23 percent, and have put the country on track for another decade of red ink. According to the Congressional Budget Office, before the year is out, the debt will account for 62 percent of the economy -- the highest percentage since the end of World War II -- and by 2020 it will reach 90 percent.

In other words, Obama and the Democrats are now creating the same mess for American taxpayers that Gordon Brown and Labor Party created for British taxpayers. The Tea Party movement has risen up to stop him. Two hundred and thirty-four years after we fought a bloody war for independence, Tories and Tea Partyers are finally united in common purpose. Who says bipartisanship is out of style?